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iNinjaPro 1080P Wifi IP Camera Night Vision Wireless

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Audio Input / Output Build-
in Audio / Microphone (Two Way Audio)
Day & Night Switch Double IR Cut Filter With Auto Switch
Minimum Illumination 0.01LUX Low,0LUX/F1.2(Led on)
IR Distance Up to 33ft / 10m (Depends on the Enviroment & Lens)
PTZ Horizontal 355 Degree, Vertical 110 Degrees
Support TF Card Max Up to 64GB TF Card (Don’t included)
Recording Mode:Manually / Timing / Alarm
Operating Conditions: 0°-55°
Material:ABS Plastic, Indoor Use
Size:18.2 x 11.8 x 11.6 cm
Weight: 0.5kg

Packing list

1x Wireless IP Camera
1x Power Supply
1x Instructions
1x Mounting Bracket & Screw

10 reviews for iNinjaPro 1080P Wifi IP Camera Night Vision Wireless

  1. JB&AB

     We bought this camera to spy on our cat 🙂 The cam works fine, I like the movement tracking (follows the subject), as you can see in the uploaded video. They include 3 days of free cloud storage, you can “like” the events in the cloud and they are saved to your cloud album, then you can download videos from the cloud album and make an iMovie (that’s how this video was made). It is not a two-way cam but it records sound and detects sound, so it would be quite useful for home monitoring or as a baby monitor. It has a nice mounting bracket to mount on a wall or a ceiling and the image can be flipped 180 degrees, though we don’t need this feature at the moment

  2. Richard

    Again one of the few times I have been 100% satisfied with budget amazon shopping.After reading the reviews I was skeptical especially having experience with cheap wifi products not connecting and weird reviews about privacy issues. This is by far the easiest camera to install within seconds (yes seconds not minutes). Right out of the package you plug it in and take a QR picture with your phone. Follow the steps and connect to your wifi and your done. It got stuck on 100% complete and I sighed thinking “yea it couldn’t be that easy” but I just backed out and there it was done with a live view of my house.I wasn’t expecting much for the price but I was wrong.You can view your camera as long as you have internet connection through your phone.You can move the camera around I think almost 360? with your phone (joystick) kind of thing look at photos.Picture is super clear. Night vision is good.Has features that actually work like motion detection and sound detection. I didn’t even know about it and it sent me an alert on my phone so I turned it off while we were home.It has voice communication both ways. You hold a button down and you can speak through the camera.I haven’t played around with the storage yet and I don’t need it because it is just to have a live view of what is going on at the time I look at it.Easily one of the better purchases for my need than my previous purchase of ring camera that came with a sneaky subscription I didn’t know about. I shouldn’t have to pay $200+ for one camera and be expected to pay a subscription. The ring does not even allow me to talk back. This camera does. I wish I had found this product sooner. I will be purchasing another one shortly for my other family members.

  3. Soukaina kareem

    Very functional and easy to rotate all directions. Easy set-up.Good price . Free live but you need to pay for recording after free trial for cloud storage.

  4. Sherry

     This wireless security camera is amazing. The quality of the camera is unexpected, the video is very clear and can be played back. With the automatic smart night vision function, it automatically switches from day mode to night mode, even in the dark night, it can clearly see the monitoring. I tried the motion detection and alarm function, and this small camera can not only report the video, but also immediately send an alarm notification to my mobile phone. These features are very good and meet all my requirements. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

  5. STan

     I bought this camera so I can watch my dog when I am away. He likes to hide in different corners of the room, so the pan/tilt/zoom feature of this camera is what attracted me to get this camera. Plus, it’s very reasonably priced.Setup of the camera was easy; the instruction is clear and straight forward. Picture and video quality is very good. When zooming in, the clarity is compromised; I guess because it’s doing a digital zoom instead of optical zoom. It’s not a big issue for me. Sound and motion detection is fast and accurate. I would get a notification on my phone almost instantly. Motion tracking is a little bit slow and noisy. It doesn’t center the subject; so I guess that’s why it didn’t try to follow the subject until it’s almost out of the frame. The speaker is pretty loud for a small unit like this. I can tell that my dog can her me when I call his name, and I can her him bark. Overall, I am happy with the performance of the camera for my need.The app is a bit disappointing. It’s very basic. It doesn’t have the control for brightness or sharpness of the image. It doesn’t have the option to schedule monitoring either. So it would have recorded all my dog’s movement on the SD card, all the time. ‘Luckily’ it didn’t come with an SD card, and I don’t have the need for one. The camera still works even without an SD card inserted. I can see my dog in live view. However, it’s not that smooth. There’s a slight delay here and there which makes the video appears chopped. I also hear static during live view. I thought it was caused by other electrical devices around the camera. But I tried moving it to different spots and the static is always there. It’s just a bit annoying but not a real issue for me.For a baby or pet camera, I’d recommend this to anyone. It meets all my expectation for my purpose. However, if you are planning to use this for a security camera to catch a burglar or something like that, I wouldn’t recommend it.


     I have two kids at home and a babysitter. Before buying this wifi camera I was worried about my kids. But now I can see my kids whenever I want. Camera works with wifi and can be controlled from my mobile phone. It can be rotated to left or right by swiping my phone’s screen. I can also talk with the babysitter thanks to push to talk feature. Camera resolution is 1080P and picture quality is very good. There is alarm feature too. I turn it on when we are away from home.

  7. Wanpaku

    Connecting it to our Wifi was easy.Remotely being able to tilt, zoom, pan, etc. from the app is awesome.Works well to monitor spaces in our home.It is a reasonable size that can be set on a shelf/flat surface, or actually mounted.

  8. Patrick H

    This is a step up from most dome cams in my view. I’m sure others have all these features in some array, but I haven’t really seen them in one package. This is a gift for a daughter who is having her first kid, so it had to cover some bases.1. Motion detection works wellIt wakes up instantly upon motion2. Near full coverage and good video qualityI think it is listed at 350-degree but I’m not sure there’s a spot it doesn’t cover. It also provides superb video.3. Multiple people can access itThis was important because both my daughter and her husband need to be able to operate it4. High-quality night visionWe need to know that they will be able to see the baby in the dark! Gave this a good test and the vision at night is actually very impressive. It wasn’t just a blur or outlines – you can see everything.5. Two-way talkGreat feature to soothe baby back to sleep when needed, or simply tell dad to stop bothering the baby with kisses and let him sleep.I am happy to recommend this – high-end device at a budget price, in my view.

  9. Tony Aug

    I’ve been interested in a camera for a several months now since we found out that basically immediately after my wife and I leave for work that our dog has been getting on our couch and scratching it up. Normally this wouldn’t bother us much but the couch is newer and very susceptible to being scratched by her nails.I’ve fortunately been able to work from home during this recent virus outbreak so I’ve been able to make sure my dog stays off the couch. But that also means I’ve had time to set this camera up properly and see what features I like and would use once I start going back into the office.The setup was easy enough using my WiFi. I set it right in front of my couch on the tv stand to find out exactly what I could see. It tracks motion movement very well. If I had push notifications on it would notify me of every movement within it’s range and it even detects sounds.One feature I needed for this was two way audio, so if the dog gets up on the couch I can talk to her and tell her to get off. I don’t need the video to be crystal clear, but it was better than I expected it to be. I left it on overnight to see how the night vision worked. It definitely let me know how active my cat is during the night. It caught most of, if not all of her movements at night. The video is pretty good as well.The app is simple enough with several different thinks to customize. There is some free cloud storage that is nice. Only thing I haven’t been able to figure out is to delete all the notifications at once. Which if you have it record every movement as a separate video can give you a thousand videos that take forever to delete one by one. But really that’s a minor inconvenience.Overall, I am very happy with this purchase. When I finally start going back into the office I anticipate that it will serve the purpose intended for me valiantly.

  10. pamela

     This Wi-fi camera is great. The picture quality is clear. I tried the night vision is good too! I like the way they set up because I can operate it in my phone. I can click it and it moves around I can see the whole room. It’s easy to set up just follow the user manual.

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